Frozen Footsteps Game Film Foley Sound Effects

[NEW] 2400+ Winter Foley Sound FX Released

Today, in the warmth of the summer, a new sound library was added to our catalogue: Frozen Footsteps Sound Effects. All of you working on winter film scenes or games based in frozen worlds, consider yourself lucky. Your search for the perfect surface/footstep sound library is over!


Frozen Footsteps sound bundle was recorded during two special winter nights in a quiet rural area in Finland. The temperature was freezing (-20 °C and below) and every surface was frozen. Everything was covered in frost. However, snow hadn’t fallen yet.


These unique, freezing winter nights without snow enabled recording footsteps on different frozen surfaces that are usually under snowpack.


  • 2400+ sounds.
  • 8 different surfaces.
  • Sneak, walk, run, jump, scuff, slide, & more.
  • 1.20 GB.
  • $49.00 on sale for $36.75 for the next 3 days with code FROZEN (+local VAT).