Roller Coaster Sound Effects Builder Updated – Free for Existing Owners

We’re glad to announce a free update to the Roller Coaster Sound Builder sound effects library. The update adds a completely new roller coaster to the collection: the Launched Coaster.

A new roller coaster, triple-launch steel coaster named Hype, was opened in the Särkänniemi Amusement Park in the summer 2017. The ride is the Sky Rocket II model by Premier Rides, and it is the only of its kind in the Northern Europe. Obviously I had to go and record it.


This update includes my recordings from the new coaster. Again, I was able to record clean passbys and onboard sounds when the park was closed. In addition, a lot of new passby screams are included, recorded at the station which is the part of the track with the highest speed (100 km/h).


+500 MB of new sounds
96 kHz / 24 bit recordings
34 sound clips (stereo and mono)
Onboard recordings
Clean passbys from various positions
Passby screams, and more.



I had two recording sessions: One for the clean onboard recordings, and another day for the clean passbys and screams. The clean passbys were recorded in the morning before the park was opened, and screams when the visitors arrived. I was even able to record below the station, from a place that is not accessible to the public. The passbys sounded really fast and aggressive there.


Due to the small space and less time available at the recording locations, I couldn’t use the heavy LCR rig this time. Instead, I went with lighter equipment. For the clean passbys I followed the train with a MKH 416 on one hand and a Sony PCM-D100 in the other hand. For the screaming passbys I used only the D100 to keep low profile as I was standing on the station level together with the park visitors.


As always, the sounds were carefully edited and metatagged for easy and quick use.


With this update, the Roller Coaster Sound Builder now includes six different roller coasters in total. We’re really proud of this collection and glad to share it with you.


The download links to the free update have been emailed to the existing owners of Roller Coaster Sound Effects Builder and Complete Amusement Park Sound Effects Bundle.


Click here to read more about the Roller Coaster Sound Effects Builder.


Watch onboard POV video

(no audio, video created by the Särkänniemi amusement park)

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