Gun Shell Sound FX Collection Released

[NEW] Ultimate Gun Shell SFX Pack Released

We are proud to announce Gun Shell SFX Collection, our new sound effects library. Gun Shell SFX Collection is a massive library including sounds made with various empty gun shell casings.


This library was created for game and film sound designers working on projects with weapons. Gun shell sounds are often missing from typical gun firing sound fx libraries, so we decided to record a new library just for them.


If you are designing weapon sound effects or editing audio for an action film, but you’re lacking a high-quality, easy-to-use collection of different gun shell sounds, this is the library for you.


  • 3600+ sounds.
  • 12 calibers, 7 surfaces.
  • Shells falling, rolling, colliding, picked up, bouncing, and more.
  • 1.70 gigabytes.
  • $49.00 on sale for $39.00 (+local VAT) for this week with code MYSHELLCOLLECTION

Listen to the preview:


7.62×39mm | 7.62×54mmR | 9mm | .22LR | .30-06 | .38 SPL | .44 MAG | .45 ACP | .223 REM | .308 WIN | 12-gauge Shotgun Paper Shell | 12-gauge Shotgun Plastic Shell

$49.00 – Add to cart Includes 0% tax

However, the library includes more than just a collection of gun shells dropping on different surfaces. We recorded clean sounds of shells colliding with each other, rolling on the floor, ammo box foley, and more.


Short sounds of shells colliding with each other can be used for game coin collect/score sound effects, cardboard ammo box foley sounds are perfect item pick up sounds, and rolling shell sounds can be useful layers for wheels, machines, and other constant sounds.


The library was recorded in 96 kHz, so all the bright and metallic gun shell sounds can be pitched down to create totally new, interesting sounds.

Included surfaces:

Gun Shell Spec Sheet PDF:

To make your life easier, a free PDF spec sheet with detailed information about the shell calibers and weapons using them is included in the product download. This makes it easy to match a correct shell dropping sound to a weapon on the screen or in a game.


You can also download the PDF by clicking the image below:

$10 Off Discount Code

Use discount code MYSHELLCOLLECTION during checkout and get $10 off the Gun Shell SFX Collection.


This discount code is valid for this week only, and will expire on Monday morning (CET).

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