Introducing New SFX Library Series: Loopable Sound Effects

I am super excited to announce new sound fx library series by Effect Sense: Loopable Sound Effects. The first library is called Loopable Motors 1: Small Engines including carefully recorded and expertly edited seamlessly looping engine sounds.



  • Power generators, ATV, lawnmowers, water pumps, and more.
  • Carefully edited seamless engine loops.
  • Matching loop start and end clips for many loops.
  • Special Edition includes accelerations for Audiomotors plugin
  • 96 kHz, 24-bit high-quality recordings.
  • Basic Edition: $49.00
  • Special Edition: $59.00

Intro offer! Enter code LOOPABLE at checkout to get 15% off. Valid for Loopable Motors 1 (Basic & Special Editions) through October 31st.

While working on game audio, I noticed the lack of high-quality engine sound loops in my personal sound fx library. Looping sound clips are constantly needed in game sound design, and editing them from raw recordings can be a really time consuming task. This gave me the idea to create a whole library, or rather, a series of high-quality, ready to use loopable sound effects.

Loopable Motors 1 includes ten different, expressive small combustion engines. While recording, the engines were put to their limits to get as much useful material as possible. Recorded in 96 kHz / 24 bit and carefully edited this collection is a really powerful tool for all sound designers and game developers.


During the production of this library I perfected my loop editing skills to the max. I carefully edited each recording to be as smooth and useful as possible. All loop sections start and loop beautifully without pops or clicks, using zero-crossing technique. Matching loop start and end clips are included for many recordings, working seamlessly with their looping counterparts.


Many recordings include both short and long loop versions. Long loops are long and steady real engine recordings. They can be looped and manipulated any way you wish without audible looping. Short loops were created for game developers for more convenient game implementation.


Loopable Motors 1 also includes readily pitched versions of the sounds for fast and easy inspiration. For each sound you get three totally different sounding versions: original, pitched down, and pitched up.

In addition, the Special Edition includes 25 acceleration sound files to use with LeSound Audiomotors plugin. This opens completely new possibilities with film and game sound design. Of course, the sounds are regular stereo WAV files and can be used without the Audiomotors plugin too for creative sound design.


This is a super useful engine loop collection for game developers and a wonderful creative toolkit for sound designers. Stay tuned for future releases, too. Loopable Motors 2 & 3 are already in production 🙂


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