Gun Shell SFX Collection Updated – Free for Existing Owners

We want our sound effects to be as easy to use as possible. Originally, Gun Shell SFX Collection was released in an easy-to-use, single sound fx per file format, which many of you have liked.


This approach will add thousands of new files to your sound library. With certain search terms, your sound manager software will return thousands of sounds of a dropping shell. Depending on your workflow, this may not be desirable.


After receiving valuable feedback from our customers, we want to provide you with the library in an alternative format: Multiple sound fx takes per file.


The Gun Shell SFX Collection is now available in two versions:


1. Multiple shell sounds per audio file
2. Single shell sound per audio file

What’s the Difference?

The “multiple sounds per file” version is edited in a traditional sound effects library style. Many sound libraries use this format, including the classic Sound Ideas and Hollywood Edge SFX libraries. This style includes one audio file per a set of multiple takes falling under the same filename. Many film sound editors are familiar with this approach.


The “single sound per file” version has different audio files for each recorded take. This results in a huge amount of short audio clips. Many game sound fx libraries have been edited using this method. The sounds are ready to use and don’t need much editing.

Which is better for your workflow?

As sound effect library developers, our goal is to provide you with the best quality, coverage, and usability when it comes to sound effects. However, different people have different workflows and needs for the sounds they use. That’s why we feel this is the best way to serve you, our dear customers and fans. The new version has the rich Soundminer metadata, too.

How to download the new version?

Download links have been sent to existing users of Gun Shell SFX Collection by email. New customers will have the option to download whichever version they prefer (or both).

Gun Shell Sound Effects Collection

Detailed collection of gun shell foley sounds

  • 3600+ Sounds
  • 12 Shell Types
  • 7 Surfaces
  • Ammo Box, Belt Link & More
$49.00 – Add to cart Includes 0% tax

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