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What others have said about our sound effects libraries? Read below.

Roller Coaster Sound Effects Builder featured on Designing Sound:

Roller Coaster Sound Effects Builder - Effect Sense

“This one is great, clear samples of roller coaster tracks clacking up, whizzing down, and shooting past. The screams of riders are included as well in separate files, which is great for option’s sake. I’ve used this library in television promo material in a very literal sense for a roller coaster being on screen, but I’ve also used the sounds of metallic whooshing and heavy clattering rails as texture layers in more abstract designs for game audio and VR assets. It’s worth trying out for a bright metal swell that doesn’t sound too sword-like.

My favorite handful of sounds in this library comes from the samples of start sequences from the Impulse Coaster, which has an electronic element to it that fits extremely well into sci-fi weaponry and other “ka-THOOMP”y sort of envelopes.”

– Isabella Ness, Sound Designer / Mixer

Complete Amusement Park Sound Bundle featured on A Sound Effect:

Complete Theme Park Sound Bundle - Effect Sense

“‘Complete Amusement Park Sound Bundle’ is fantastic, expertly-recorded library by the guys of Effect Sense. This collection is not made up of your typical guerilla recordings: the team shut down a park to record clean takes of the machines themselves – though they knew how much we need those audience screams, too! The collection comes in three versions, plus you can read all about in their recording adventures in their Q&A with us. If you need sounds from an amusement park, this collection is a godsend.”

– Asbjoern Andersen, Composer at Epic Sound, founder of A Sound Effect

Roller Coaster Sound Effects Builder featured on A Sound Effect Q&A article:

How Pyry Survo created the ultimate roller coaster & theme park sound effects library

Roller Coaster Sound Effects Builder - Effect Sense

“Finnish recordist Pyry Survo has created a unique sound effects collection, capturing a wealth of hard-to-access recordings from roller coasters and other amusement rides, as well as amusement park ambiences. It was a huge undertaking, and below, he shares the story behind the making of this impressive collection.”

– Asbjoern Andersen, Composer at Epic Sound, founder of A Sound Effect

Gun Shell SFX Collection featured on A Sound Effect:

Gun Shell Sound Effects Collection

“‘Gun Shell SFX Collection’ by Effect Sense is an extensive collection of over 3,600 sounds of cartridges landing on different surfaces. It features the pings and pops of 12 types of casings with nubby pistol ammo for the 9mm and .45 ACP, hefty rifle ammo, and the very distinct bounce of 12-gauge plastic shells. Each of these gauges of rounds fall on concrete, wood, carpet, thick metal, rumbling metal, gravel, and dirt, giving you plenty of options for your scenes. For sounds that put your players right behind your game’s weapons, give this library a listen.”

Frozen Footsteps featured on A Sound Effect:

Frozen Footsteps - Effect Sense

“‘Frozen Footsteps’ by Effect Sense is a massive collection of 2,400 crunchy footsteps on Finland’s wintery terrain. It features 8 surfaces including packed snow and crusty sleet, as well as frost-covered grass, frozen gravel, and icy wooden porches from before the snow fall. It also has different performance types like running, walking, sliding, sneaking, scuffing, and jumping, all free of clothing sounds. For a wide variety of chilly textures for your characters’ journeys, check this one out.”