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Roller Coaster Sound Effects Builder featured on Designing Sound:

“This one is great, clear samples of roller coaster tracks clacking up, whizzing down, and shooting past. The screams of riders are included as well in separate files, which is great for option’s sake. I’ve used this library in television promo material in a very literal sense for a roller coaster being on screen, but I’ve also used the sounds of metallic whooshing and heavy clattering rails as texture layers in more abstract designs for game audio and VR assets. It’s worth trying out for a bright metal swell that doesn’t sound too sword-like.

My favorite handful of sounds in this library comes from the samples of start sequences from the Impulse Coaster, which has an electronic element to it that fits extremely well into sci-fi weaponry and other “ka-THOOMP”y sort of envelopes.”

– Isabella Ness, Sound Designer / Mixer

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Pyry Survo

Pyry Survo, Founder of Effect Sense

At Effect Sense we produce high-quality sound effects libraries for creative professionals in video game, film, television and other media. Founded in 2017, Effect Sense is owned and run by Pyry Survo, Finnish freelance sound designer and composer based in Tampere, Finland.


Pyry has recorded sound effects for over ten years. He started collecting his own sound fx library when he got his first sound recorder while living in the countryside full of interesting sound sources. Now he has worked in feature films, video games, tv broadcasting, music industry, soundscape research, and environmental noise measuring & calculation, gaining versatile skills in various fields of audio. On his journey of finding inspiring sounds, he has rigged microphones on everything from birdhouses to roller coaster cars.


Pyry specializes in recording detailed and comprehensive sound libraries with a fresh touch. His strengths are extreme patience in recording, ear for small details in editing, and will to inspire and share his ideas. Based on these skills and the love for sound effects, Effect Sense was born.

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Our Goal

Effect Sense provides unique and meaningful sound effects libraries for creative professionals. Our goal is to create sound effects that in itself inspire you to create new, valuable content to your product.


We are storytellers at heart. We know sound has an amazing power in making your message more memorable and emotionally effective. Our sound effects libraries are created to tell stories. Each sound in our library tells a story and is meant to make an impact.

We know the power of sound. We have a sense for the effect.

Our Values

We create

We love recording, editing and using sound effects. We are always listening, always learning and new new sonic ideas to record come to our minds daily. We execute our ideas with courage, full of enthusiasm and always thinking of the end user while we create.

We share

Our goal is to help and inspire. That’s why we share our work by providing the sounds we create but also our resource articles. In the articles and posts we share our field recording experiences and sound effects tricks.

We inspire

Our goal is to inspire others to create new, valuable content to their products. Every sound fx library we create is made with this idea in the mind. We want to add value to people and their work. We are inspired by the sounds we record and we want to share that inspiration to you.

Our products

We have been recording sound fx for almost ten years and now is the time to share our work with the world. On this site we share our collection of high-quality sound effects in the form of inspiring sound bundles, also known as sound effects libraries.


Every single sound in our sfx library is recorded with passion and carefully edited. We love what we do.


We craft our sound effect bundles always the end user in mind. We aim our products for game and film audio professionals. Our sound effects are always high-quality, carefully edited, and well documented including descriptive, searchable metadata.

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Our products are delivered in ZIP files. Depending on the product, ZIP files may contain WAV audio files, PDF documents, photos, text files, and XLS spreadsheets.

Fast downloads

We are using fast and reliable Amazon S3 servers for file delivery. You can start downloading your new sound effects immediately!

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