Sound Effects Library

Amusement Park Sound Effects

Multichannel amusement ride and ambience sound effects. High-quality, hard to access recordings.

$99.00 – Add to cart Includes 0% VAT

Five roller coasters, multichannel passby & onboard recordings, with & without screaming. 520+ files.

$249.00 – Add to cart Includes 0% VAT

Roller coasters, amusement rides, and amusement park ambiences sound effects. High-quality, multichannel. 750+ files, 15.8 GB.

$299.00 – Add to cart Includes 0% VAT

Foley Sound Effects

2400+ sounds of real footsteps recorded in freezing temperatures on 8 different frozen surfaces. Walking, running, jumping, sliding and more.

$49.00 – Add to cart Includes 0% VAT


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